11 Julstrong enough.

a) this makes me think of my fav sheryl crow song (which i just put on perma-peat because it’s a JAM).
b) that is not at all the purpose of this post.
c) where in the world did the annoying raise the roof motion come from?
d) and where did it go?

don’t get me wrong. i’m glad it’s gone. i thought it was absurd and looked ridiculous.

which is also what i thought about these pants…and precisely why i insisted upon purchasing them (for $4 from the ubud market, i HAD to)ellie

i mean…



get real. none of these clowns are even strong enough (that’s where this all started) to raise a roof anyway. and it looks ridiculous, no matter how cute you are. (hair flip)

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20 Jun“I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends”

IDidntComeHereToMakeFriendsbut she sure has one in me.

i’ll admit, i wasn’t a big courtney robertson fan during her time on one of my all-time favorite tv dramas, the bachelor.

and i’ll also admit, i was wrong about her. it really resonated with me when she said “i thought i was being funny” in her snarky remarks… sure she may have been manipulative, but i’m not judging her for that. i choose to believe that she’s inherently a good person, maybe a bit misunderstood, and frankly a little too pretty to not be intimidating to other women, ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE DATING THE SAME GUY.

i digress…

her highly anticipated book was on my “must read” list the second i heard about it. and i’ve been patiently waiting for the book release…and then, the heavens parted and i was given an advance copy. WHICH I READ IN ONE DAY.

courtney finally answers everything you’ve ever wanted to know about what really happens behind the cameras. and dishes on some celebrities she’s dated in the past. this book is everything you want in a tell-all.

it’s entertaining, informative, juicy, sometimes sad, and without trying to, she wins over even the harshest critics (read: me).

i won’t give my opinion on her ex, ben flajnik…because if you can’t say something nice…as far as arie luyendyk goes ~ i’m sad that didn’t work out. they’re pretty together.

needless to say, i’m a fan. so much a fan that i’ve started re-watching her season of the bachelor so i can relive the show with her book as a reference guide. it’s research.

you’ve got a friend in me, bug.


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28 Maylove liberates.

“The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.”

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16 Aprthere is no enya in heaven.

pandora decided to share this with me today…

20140416-154121.jpgand it’s funny because my last experience with enya was…well, ick.

maybe baba IS listening to yanni, but enya?


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08 Janit’s about love.


it’s about love. (isn’t it always?)

it’s about a girl who misses her dad.

it’s about feeling like something will always be missing.

it’s about shakespeare.

it’s about cinnamon & onion.

it’s about sunday evenings.

it’s about learning to play soccer.

it’s about dance parties.

it’s about falling in love.

it’s about wishing on dandelions.

it’s about peppermint.

it’s about wild horses.

it’s about inside jokes.

it’s about feeling like this could be “it.”

it’s about him.

it’s about me.

it’s about time.

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06 Janscopin’ him out.


you know you’re in love when you find yourself reading his horoscope along with yours.

happy new year, indeed.

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18 Novi choose you.

best thing i’ve ever seen.
totally worth the time investment.

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11 Novnesto.


hashtag obsessed.

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31 Juli want crazy.

i’ve had this song on perma-peat since discovering it.

it’s nice to know what i want.
and i don’t want easy.
i want crazy.

I don’t want “good” and I don’t want “good enough”
I want “can’t sleep, can’t breathe without you” love

…even if i’m not quite ready.

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31 Julstorybook love.

once upon a time, i met a boy. he seemed perfect. attractive, attentive, romantic…i thought he was exactly what i needed. looking back now, i realize i may not have been completely over the one before him. i wanted to be. so, our whirlwind courtship was welcomed with open arms. he said everything i wanted to hear… (here are some snippets)

I truly think we will define “power couple” BTW.

If I’m being honest, my four letter “L” word is quickly morphing into something other than “like”. I’m resistant but it’s (you are) truly overpowering. I don’t know how much longer I can hold back.

Is that even normal after what… A week-ish?!

We have always been on the same page. It’s a page I never want to turn, even as we turn the pages of our life. You are the first woman with whom I’ve been so eager to see, do, know, touch, taste, & hear everything with for the rest of my days.

I know that’s a whole lot but it is what it is & I’m not ashamed.

For me it was the flash snapshot of you, looking at me, in a wedding dress. While that’s never happened to me EVER before, my mind said I should be freaked out, but all I wanted was to see it on real life. Strapless, hair up, natural makeup, medium length train… Everything & everyone else was a blur. I think it was a premonition, a sign.

This is getting way too long so I’ll stop for now. I’ll have the rest of my life to tell you how wonderful you are

It’s what true “L” is supposed to be. Took me 32.25 years to find it & I’m not looking backwards or forwards, just into your eyes.

I hate that you are thinking exactly what I’m thinking at the exact same moment. I won’t say “it” via text but I’m very confident & certain you’re the one. I’m excited, exhilarated, passionate, challenged, motivated… All by looking in your eyes, touching your skin, reading to you… Never leave me, “L” me forever & I promise to do the same.

All this in such a short time. I feel like we’re an old movie script. We’ve talked about kids names, I can almost see their faces (wild to realize); how about Taylor (F) & Roman (M) to start?

so, yeah…i swooned. i wanted it to be real.

when he met one of my besties and her husband for the first time, he went on and on about how the way he feels about me should redefine love in the dictionary. and about how we are meant to be together. and about our kids. and on and on…until my bestie said ‘this is the most forward thinking conversation i’ve ever been a part of.’

which made me think…but only for a second – because he was seriously dreamy. and i was ready to dive in.

which made me ignore red flags. (seriously hindsight, you’re SUCH a bitch)

and to be fair (to myself), he did a really good job of hiding some serious issues. and i did an even better job of pretending they weren’t that big of a deal.

there were times when i’d ask him what made him happy and what he liked…and he couldn’t answer. he didn’t know. he hadn’t ever cultivated an identity of his own. so, i encouraged him to discover who he was.

i thought if he didn’t know who he was, he couldn’t know what he wanted for the future. and that scared me. i wanted to be with someone who KNEW what they wanted…not just said what they thought they were supposed to.

on that same vein, i suggested we stop focusing on these future landmarks and just enjoy our present time together. he always agreed. and then we’d revert back to future planning within days.

when we first started dating, i told him about how i loved my alone time. time to write, reflect, and just be. he said he was fine with it. the first time i took a night to myself to write he showed up at my door. unexpectedly. it took me a minute to get to the door and by the time i did, he was gone. and i had an irate message on my voicemail. the next time i went to his home he showed me a dent in the freezer. he punched it that night thinking i was with someone else.
i stopped writing.

i have a group of close besties who mean the world to me. and i don’t see them as often as i wish… so, when we would spend time with them he would end up feeling neglected. and acting out. like a child. i’m talking temper tantrums, drinking himself into oblivion, and one time actually striking me (he claimed it was an accident…and i believed him).

there were friends that i never wanted to introduce him to – because i knew they’d see through him. and it wasn’t a reality i was ready to accept.

looking back now, it seems ridiculous that i stuck around. it doesn’t sound like something i would put up with…but i did. we’d have an issue, i’d start wondering if we should be together. he’d say all the right things. i’d carry on with him… i thought we were working through problems really well.

until i realized that they were the same issues that kept coming up. we weren’t working through anything, he was just playing the part that he was trained to play. reciting his lines. and in the beginning, it was enough for me.

when he first suggested moving in together, i was against it. i didn’t want to move in with anyone until i was engaged. so, we looked at rings. and he asked for my dad’s permission to marry me. just a couple weeks before i lost my dad, i gained a new roommate.

i’m glad he was there in that time. i was a shell of a person. my dad was my world. i still have trouble describing the pain in losing him…when we were in public, my boyfriend was perfect. he was affectionate. and attentive. and charming.

at home, he didn’t have any idea how to talk to me about how i was feeling. i told him i understood. and that i wouldn’t know what to do either. and i’d love if he could just hug me.

he started drinking every night. something i think he was doing before we moved in together…but it was easier to hide.

i asked him about it.
he became defensive.

we started growing apart.
i felt it. i knew it was happening.
i blamed myself.
he felt pressure to live up to my dad’s memory.
i just wanted a partner.
i tried to talk to him about it…
he became defensive.

in his world, acknowledging problems was not allowed. admitting our relationship wasn’t perfect was not okay with him.
i told him fights would happen…and we would need to work through them if we wanted to get to the other side.
he didn’t agree. he said relationships should just flow. there should be no discord.
i loved his idealism.

but i knew better.

relationships are where your issues arise..and where you have to face them. being alone is easy.
he wanted easy.

i went to visit my best friend on the east coast. she has two gorgeous kids. and a husband. during my time out there i realized more strongly than ever how much i wanted a family. my priorities had shifted after losing my dad, but being in the thick of it – i knew i wanted it. and sooner than later. i loved the temper tantrums, the negotiating, the reliving of my childhood through her kids.

when i got back to town, he noticed a change in me. i told him where i was at. the absolute terror on his face told me everything i needed to know… we were broken up within weeks.

after the split, i discovered that he had fidelity issues. (remember my mention of him wanting easy? he got it! she was the epitome of easy.) my friends focus on this as the reason for our break up. it was certainly an underlying factor, but the split was inevitable.

we want different things.

i had a hard time accepting that my storybook ending wasn’t going to come true. that my fantasy was just that: something made up.

it’s an exact replica of a figment of my imagination. looking back, there’s the terrible weight of memory, but also a love story.

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