20 Octlove & books.


treat love like you do books.

when it gets boring, or too complicated, put it down.

…skip to the end.

“Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.”
~ John Green

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19 Octmy dear, i don’t give a damn.

marriagei’m a junkie for the printed word.

p.s. the book never used the word ‘frankly.’

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17 Octto be known by heart.


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25 Seplive the questions.


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19 Sepslowly at first, then all at once.


i have learned, and am still learning, that things don’t always happen the way you think they will. or the way you expect. or sometimes, the way you wish they would…

and in my lessons, i have been taught time and time again that there is always a perfectly good reason why.

i never believed in love at first sight.

i certainly wasn’t expecting to find it…

and yet, yesterday i was struck.
it was intense.
it was immediate.
and it was incredible.

never before have i felt so much emotion and (simultaneously felt) completely at peace. it is a heady combination.

and i am enamored.

…all at once.


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18 Sepsunbeams.

roald lovely, indeed.

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30 Julthe struggle is real.

kimkso, i have this friend…she downloaded the kim kardashian iphone game so she could endlessly make fun of it. only now she can’t stop playing it and going to modeling shoots and appearances and dating and shopping and traveling the world. she’s mortified and doesn’t know how to stop. and maybe she doesn’t want to stop…even though she loses a little respect for herself every time she opens the game (which she doesn’t do compulsively). and she certainly isn’t paying more attention to her pet on the game than her dog in real life. and she isn’t frustrated that she has to constantly choose between spending her energy on work OR dating. why can’t i she have both?

everything about this game is my worst nightmare.

the struggle is real.

this is a cry for help.

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11 Julstrong enough.

a) this makes me think of my fav sheryl crow song (which i just put on perma-peat because it’s a JAM).
b) that is not at all the purpose of this post.
c) where in the world did the annoying raise the roof motion come from?
d) and where did it go?

don’t get me wrong. i’m glad it’s gone. i thought it was absurd and looked ridiculous.

which is also what i thought about these pants…and precisely why i insisted upon purchasing them (for $4 from the ubud market, i HAD to)ellie

i mean…



get real. none of these clowns are even strong enough (that’s where this all started) to raise a roof anyway. and it looks ridiculous, no matter how cute you are. (hair flip)

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20 Jun“I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends”

IDidntComeHereToMakeFriendsbut she sure has one in me.

i’ll admit, i wasn’t a big courtney robertson fan during her time on one of my all-time favorite tv dramas, the bachelor.

and i’ll also admit, i was wrong about her. it really resonated with me when she said “i thought i was being funny” in her snarky remarks… sure she may have been manipulative, but i’m not judging her for that. i choose to believe that she’s inherently a good person, maybe a bit misunderstood, and frankly a little too pretty to not be intimidating to other women, ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE DATING THE SAME GUY.

i digress…

her highly anticipated book was on my “must read” list the second i heard about it. and i’ve been patiently waiting for the book release…and then, the heavens parted and i was given an advance copy. WHICH I READ IN ONE DAY.

courtney finally answers everything you’ve ever wanted to know about what really happens behind the cameras. and dishes on some celebrities she’s dated in the past. this book is everything you want in a tell-all.

it’s entertaining, informative, juicy, sometimes sad, and without trying to, she wins over even the harshest critics (read: me).

i won’t give my opinion on her ex, ben flajnik…because if you can’t say something nice…as far as arie luyendyk goes ~ i’m sad that didn’t work out. they’re pretty together.

needless to say, i’m a fan. so much a fan that i’ve started re-watching her season of the bachelor so i can relive the show with her book as a reference guide. it’s research.

you’ve got a friend in me, bug.


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28 Maylove liberates.

“The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.”

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